So, what's the backstory to LAWGUN? Spill it.

LAWGUN is a disruptive technology launched by startup firm FORTITUDE CREATIVE, a collective of lawyers, comms wizards, techies and executives who were sick of companies and friends not having a research-backed, independent way to find a gun lawyer.


The old way of asking your lawyer mate at a BBQ for a good lead was flawed, unreliable, and inefficient. We travel by Uber, stay by AirBnB, and yet still risk the most important decisions about our family and assets on a firm that just PAID to get #1 in your google search.

There had to be a better way, and we wanted LAWGUN to change the industry, with a fiercely independent, data analytics platform that takes the emotion and nepotism out of who you can choose from.


So, we pulled together a crack team of entrepreneurs, crafted an easy-to-use interactive platform, and started mining and collecting data from all over the world to inform our patent protected algorithms that find your match. After months of beta testing and refinement (and a quick trip to Silicon Valley in the US!) LAWGUN was ready to work for YOU (and the millions of other people looking for legal help each day).

Very quickly, the idea caught on. We even found that lawyers and firms WE had engaged for advice were more interested in finding out more about how they could use the service for their own firm (before the launch!).

LAWGUN is the modern way to find great, local, legal help - doesn't matter whether it's small driving offence, or a large corporate account.

And, with exciting developments on the horizon for feature updates, integration of the platform, and some future announcements in relation to investment and development, we are still only very much at the beginning!

What does it cost to use LAWGUN to find a lawyer?

Searching on LAWGUN is FREE. Zip! Nada! ZERO clams! Nothing! $0.00! You can't beat that.

So, why was LAWGUN created?

We wanted everyone to be able to find help, fast and FOR FREE! People in need, people like you.


We love data, we wanted to help, and we were excited to see how data analytics could change the industry, like other disruptive technologies have in other service areas. This is what gets us up in the morning.

Having come from the industry, we always knew how to find a top specialist lawyer in different areas and jurisdictions. But, the industry is sometimes slow to adopt new technology, and some pockets are still stuck in the culture of centuries past.


There needed to be a new way to help the industry embrace the 21st century, and to give YOU powerful research and technological tools to disrupt the industry and put the power back in YOUR hands.

So now, each time you recommend LAWGUN to a friend, your family, or use it for yourself, you are working with us to put the power back into the hands of the community!

What does LAWGUN do?

Our platform gives you a powerful research tool to help you leave your legal hurdles behind sooner, so you can get back to life!

Our advanced analytical algorithms crunch up to 8 million data points, including detailed user feedback ratings, opinions from jurisdictional legal leaders and experts, detailed case histories on a firm's recent case success, and numerous other personal preferences and financial metrics (including who offers YOU the cheapest discounted rates). All to work out which firm looks like the best match for your problem - asap.

Once we have completed your search, we send you the result for FREE, and there is no obligation for you to sign up. You get to choose what you do. Simple.

Why should I use it to find my lawyer?

LAWGUN is the only independent, algorithmic, smart research and data process for finding a lawyer ever built. No one else does what we do, or can mimic our unique service, as we have the rights to the process. The search is free, and we offer the ONLY system that also combines live rate bidding by all referral firms for your brief. Double. Whammy.

Why are firms using LAWGUN, doesn't it mean they have to offer cheaper rates?

Modern firms realise that LAWGUN allows them to use their good reputation to increase their business, and broaden their practice. LAWGUN allows them to grow their reputation and revenue against those companies who try to 'buy' work through ads, and who aren't really the best lawyer for your brief.

Firms are also attracted to the simple, no user account, no ongoing cost model. There are no subscription fees, and no preference shown towards any firm. Each firm must battle it out, on a level playing field, for your brief, every time.

Why is the platform so simple?

We thought about user logins, and options for complex online portals a lot, and decided that we wanted everything on the platform to be HASSLE FREE. So, we crafted it to be as user-friendly as possible, so you can get back to what you need to do, asap.

Is my data secure?

Data processing and security is at the HEART of the community service we offer, and so we regularly update all our systems and precautions, and are always looking for new ways to further secure all data. Also, we don't need to hang on to your information once we have a match, and so we delete your sensitive information, just to be sure.

How is it changing the industry?

LAWGUN is seeing exponential enquiry growth with each new reporting period. If this continues, we expect that significant changes to the worldwide industry will occur by 2020. It's becoming clear is that modern firms use LAWGUN. What we see from the data on our side, is that small, medium and large firms are now diverting significant resources to making sure their referral applications are comprehensive, and on time, every time. Further updates to the integration of the service, and a new pro-bono service (in partnership with legal regulatory bodies), will be added soon, which will further accelerate these changes.

Does LAWGUN provide legal services?

No. We can't, as we are only a data analytics referral service. You will sign up with the lawyer or firm you select for legal services. We do what we do best, and then get out of your way. See our terms and conditions for more details.

Can I work for you?

Currently, we have a full stable of LAWGUN 'BRIEF GUNS' in-house, working remotely across jurisdictions (which makes it hard to organise the staff Xmas party!). As we expand, we do take on additional professionals and administrative staff, who believe in the vision of LAWGUN and the timely changes it is bringing to the industry. If you are looking to express your interest, please forward your resume to

How do I invest in LAWGUN?

LAWGUN is an independent, privately owned company (although we may be announcing some exciting news in relation to the expansion of the company in early 2019!). If you wish to discuss any unsolicited investment proposal, please contact us on

Who should I contact for media enquiries?

All media enquiries can be forwarded through

What service upgrades are on the horizon?

We love upgrades almost as much as we love data! LAWGUN is proposing to upgrade the system in early 2019, so that firms are offered a more integrative experience when tracking and considering referrals.


Also, watch this space for announcements about pro-bono services being offered in several jurisdictions - using the LAWGUN system (and our rich database!). Further announcements in relation to the major expansion of the service (in partnership with other independent companies) should also be made in H1 2019.


We have a few small projects on the horizon, none of which include shooting an electric car into space. That's not our bag.  But, we are just focused on the expansion of LAWGUN right now, as we think it is the easiest way that we can help our community, and try to tip the scales back towards consumers.

Thanks for reading! If you have any more questions, shoot us an email at










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